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“Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning”

Does your child have ADHD and LOVE to play video games?  Florida Clinical Research Center is involved with a new type of clinical research, using a video game designed by start-up company, Akili.

“The game is designed to help users strengthen their multitasking skills by focusing their attention, expanding their working memory, and managing their goals. Never has multitasking been so fun!!”

There are several video brain games on the market but none have gone through the regulatory process of clinical trials and FDA approval.

“We’ve been through eight or nine completed clinical trials, in all cognitive disorders: ADHD, autism, depression,” says Matt Omernick, executive creative director at Akili.  If the FDA gives its stamp of approval, doctors could prescribe the game.

Click here to hear an audio segment about this video game from Morning Edition on NPR:


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