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Patient Resources

Having access to patient resources is a great way to learn more on your own—on your own time and in private. However, determining where to begin and knowing what questions to ask in order to discover the right answers can be daunting.

Knowing what to expect is essential

At FLCRC, you’ll get personalized care and attention. Taking part in a clinical research study begins with you; from the moment you contact us, our staff will provide you with the utmost consideration and respect. At FLCRC, we strive to provide the highest quality of care and treatment to all our research volunteers. We take time to treat each study participant as an individual.   


Our process usually begins with an assessment interview that may last from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your situation, medical history and personal treatment needs. Our Assessment Coordinators will take time to perform a detailed and comprehensive interview with you in order to determine if one of our studies is appropriate for you. You may also meet with one of our physicians or psychologists during the assessment.

Initial Study Visit

The initial study visit usually lasts about 2-3 hours. During this visit, you will meet with the clinic team who will follow your progress closely during the study. Doctors, psychologists, nurses, clinical research coordinators and medical assistants may be part of your treatment team. Each study has a specific Clinical Research Coordinator and Investigator (study doctor) that will be assigned to you during the study. If you are offered the option to volunteer for one of our clinical studies, you will be scheduled for a Screening visit in our clinic. Before you volunteer for any study, you will first take part in a process called Informed Consent. Informed Consent is the process by which you learn about a study in order for you to make an informed decision about participating. Our Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators will review the Informed Consent Form in detail with you. This form will be specific to each study, and will provide you with detailed information on the study’s purpose, procedures, study medication and the risks and benefits. Our staff will encourage you to ask questions during this process to ensure that you understand everything that is involved in the study prior to signing this form. The informed consent process continues throughout your involvement in the study. You may ask any question at any time and our highly trained staff will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you. Remember your involvement in a study is voluntary, and you can choose to withdraw at any time for any reason.

Study Participation

During the study, you will follow a treatment plan your study doctor prescribes, as outlined in the study protocol. You will usually come into our clinic for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits depending on the protocol. You will receive study medication, laboratory tests, ECGs, physical examinations and doctor’s visit at no cost to you. You may also have other responsibilities during the study such as keeping a diary or filling out questionnaires about your health and well-being. Our staff will review your information, laboratory results and medical assessments individually, and will always be available to you for follow-up or questions.

Post-Study, Follow-Up Care

After your involvement in the study is complete, you will be provided with appropriate follow-up care. We can provide assistance in seeking alternative care within the community or assist you in obtaining medications, as needed, on an individual basis. You may receive a medicine that is not available anywhere else, you may learn information about your condition and your general health that may be helpful and you may assist in the process of bringing better and safer medicines to help others in the future.

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